Trials And Tribulations Of Peace In Middle East

Some recent polls of Arabs throughout the Middle East reveal growing boredom and lack of interest in the prospects for peace. The Palestinian Authority has been increasing its power, but it appears as it cracks down on members of Hamas the only result is to further ennui among Middle Eastern Arabs. Samira Halayta, a member of the Hamas government, witnessed the arrest of her own children as well as about 300 youths in her village in an attempt to crush Hamas. At a time when all Palestinians should be united, factions and violence are increasing. In America, Americans for Peace Now, is attempting to support those seeking peace in the region by urging Americans who support a just peace in the region to send their own videos to the Israel government in order to make clear sensible people want an end to violence on both sides.

Another ten years of “talk” and no action will undoubtedly create violence which will, in turn, foster more violence. In the end, Hamas will fight Fatah, Israelis will fight amongst themselves and most American Jews will adopt the Arab view of, “who cares anymore?”