Trials And Tribulations Of Rush

Rush Limbaugh is among the great heroes of 20th century American history. He made certain never to get himself hurt in any war and is among those who would like America to fight wars. He had some problems with drugs and marriages and he is for locking up all those involved in drugs–as long as you leave him out of that category. Rush hates Obama and he hates liberals. They trip over themselves worrying about poor people and unemployed folk. If anyone wants a job, just become a bull shit artist on a radio show.

Last month Rush was on a campaign against contraceptives and insulted a college student who wanted birth control information by calling her a “slut.” Alas, some advertisers did not like that comment and withdrew their contracts with Rush. Now, Rush is being ejected from radio station WPHT which desires a more progressive conservative. To make matters worse, former Governor Mike Huckabee just entered the  radio talk show group as a “safer alternative” to Rush. I guess sometimes in life fools rush in to places they should not rush into.