Trials And Tribulations Of Silvio

There are times in human history when a leader emerges whose brilliant mind, qualities of human interaction and disregard for his own safety offer a society a concrete meaning of the word, “leadership.” Such has been the good fortune of the people of Italy. For years, they have been blessed by the presence of one, Silvioi Berlusconi, prime minister and chief leader. Naturally, those who fear a good man are charging him with crimes. Silvio is being tried for purchasing the services of a young female in order to engage in sex. How many men today in Italy bought the services of a prostitute and how many are on trial??

OK, so Silvio has money. Ok, so Silvio throws wild parties at which prostitutes appear, OK, so Silvio uses his media empire to get elected.OK,so Silvio uses his media empire to wipe out opponents who challenge him for public office. But, consider the good he brings to Italy. A man who makes the newspapers every day with accompanying pictures of gorgeous females. These pictures brighten the day of men frustrated in their desire for sex.

A mean old judge has ruled that Silvio must immediately stand trial. Don’t worry, if he is convicted there are new appeals, new trials and we can guarantee Silvio will be rotting in his grave before he sees the inside of a prison!