Trials And Tribulations Of Wealthy Children

Yes, people who are poor have problems in securing enough to eat or clothe themselves o find a place to sleep at night, but those difficulties pale in comparison with what children of the wealthy and powerful must confront. About twenty years ago, a young man’s father got him an oil company which didn’t do well so dad arranged for him to become part owner of a baseball team, and they never won anything. But, the experience of having owned an oil company, part owner of a baseball team, and the name of Bush allowed the young man to become president of the United States. Jean Sarkozy has similar problems. He is a second year law student, but that did not halt his drive to become important and lo and behold he wound up being appointed to direct Europe’s largest office development.

I realize there are those with negative attitudes who claim poor Jean obtained this position due to his name, but that is just the way nay-sayers decry success on the part of children of the wealthy. After all, he married an heiress, isn’t that the mark of someone with intelligence? OK, some say he is not the “most legitimate” person to handle such an important task. But, as Jean puts it, “I am not more legitimate than other candidates, but nor am I less legitimate.”

Right on, Jean. After all, where did anyone get the idea of being a “legitimate candidate” had anything to do with getting the job.