Tribulations Of Fat White Guys

Joe Lhota is a Republican, he is a white man, he is a fat man, he is a bald man and he is upset that he is a white man, a fat man, a bald man, and above all, a Republican man. Joe is running for mayor of New York City where there defintely are a lot of white,fat, bald and Republican men. Unfortuantely, the white, fat, bald and Republican men often congregate on the street known as Wall Street where they share with one another the pain of being a wealthy white, fat, bald and Republican man when they have to run in an election. Joe fears his defense of “stop and frisk” places him at a risk with poor, Hispanic and African American men who are the ones that are stopped and frisked. Joe insists stopping those men leads to lower crime rates. Of course, in dozens of cities the crime rate is declining without stop and frisk.

Lower crime rates stem from: making legal things that once were crimes–gambling? Lower age cohort in the 17-28 age range. Improved crime detection procedures like having homes linked to electronic centers. Of course if society got tough on Wall Street crime a heck of a lot more money would be protected from theft.