Triple UK University Fees, Reduce Poor People Presence

I was born during the great Depression at a time when unemployment was three times the level of current conditions, I was raised before most societies had effective welfare systems that provided food, shelter and medical attention. During that era of poverty, New York City, as well as most American major cities, had free colleges for those who were poor or unemployed. In fact, those free colleges also offered extensive night programs in order to ensure that those who worked could continue their education. The British government just announced it would allow universities to triple their fees and reach a level of about $15,000 per year. Of course, as one raises tuition rates, it results in heavy debts that must be repaid when students graduate. There is no proposal to triple the tax rate on those who have extensive fortunes. There is no proposal to cut tax dodges for business folk. The solution to our current unemployment and economic crisis is to make those with the least ability to cope with the disaster the solution to the problem.

Perhaps, some bright economist in the British government can explain the presence of free colleges during the Depression, and the need to triple tuition rates during the current economic crisis. I am not too bright.