Trouble In Lapland

We regret to inform our readers there are difficult times for the people inhabiting northern regions of Finland. No, the bears are OK, no there are no snow monsters, but there is a more serious problem that  threatens the lives of honest, decent folk in Finland–PRAYING! The town of Lieksa in northern regions of Finland has about 12,500 people, but this includes recent arrivals from Somalia who now number at least 220 people.

These immigrants are Muslim and they want to pray! At times there are about 90 people in the Lieksa worker’s hall who are engaged in the serious crime of  praying to God. Long time inhabitants are worried. First, they pray, then God knows what they will do since there are least 220 of them versus 12,300 of ‘us.” There is even a report that a Somali  guy stabbed another Somalia guy! Wow!

We wonder if the good folk of Lieksa have considered moving over to Norway. Things are much safer there. Of course, some might note a recent shooting which killed over 50 people, but the good news is the shooter was a native born Norwegian.