Trouble On Golan Heights?

There was fighting in Syria yesterday and there is fighting in Syria today and there will be fighting in Syria tomorrow. Up to this point there has not been fighting in Israel, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Austria announced that its UN contingent on the Golan Heights is departing in order to avoid getting sucked into a battle with either Syrian or rebel forces since a battle is now raging over which side will control a key strategic crossing into Israel. The only crossing into the Golan Heights is at Quneitra which is currently the scene of bitter fighting.

It is rather difficult to inform cannon shells not to land in Israel. A nightmare for Israel is having shells land in its territory which cause the death of civilians. At current, the world accepts that Syrians can be slaughtered but we don’t want those who  are non-Syrians to get killed. Please inform those firing shells to please be careful.