Trouble on The Border

The Turkish Army has massed large forces on its border with Iraq. In the process of dealing with Saddam Hussein, the United States created a new problem — relations between Kurdistan (our creation) and Turkey. The Kurds have been conquered and divided for over a thousand years resulting in large numbers presently in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey. The perennial Kurdish dream is bringing together all these disparate entities into one nation.

One hates to continue harping on Bush diplomatic failures, but in the process of creating a much needed Kurdistan, we neglected to involve Turkey in the process. Turkey has been battling its own Kurdish minority for over a decade and certainly is in no mood for a Kurdish nation which can supply arms and ammunition to insurgents. The United States should be working to assure Turkey that Kurdistan will not encourage or support any militants. The last thing we need is a war to erupt between Kurdistan and Turkey!

As one reviews the entire Middle East it is clear that is need for regional agreements that will stabilize the area. Turkey and Israel are the military powers in the Middle East and each must have assurance of stability. If Condi Rice had an overall grasp of the Middle East she would be thinking in regional terms rather than dealing with each conflict one at a time. It would be beneficial if one of the Democrats running for president promised to deal with the entire Middle East if elected.