Troubled Teen Age German Girl Halted In Time!

Tanja Otto is a dark haired attractive sixteen year old German girl who attends a high school near Bonn. A fellow student happened to enter the girl’s bathroom when she stumbled on Otto getting ready to launch an attack on students and teachers in the school. Tanja lunged at the girl and severed her thumb with a knife before fleeing from the school in a desperate effort to either kill herself or carry out plans for violence. She was either captured by police or turned herself in, but when police checked her rucksack they discovered: several knives, a tear gas pistol, 10 Molotov cocktails, a flame thrower and some gunpowder. The parcel also has a suicide note from the troubled young girl.

It appears last week, Otto threatened to attack the school although teachers described her as a “good student.” Of course, in many cases of such attacks the student is described as good in academic studies. Right now, the main concern of authorities is fear that Tanja may try to commit suicide.

The unanswered question is how any student could carry into the school the arsenal of weapons found in the rucksack of Ms. Otto. Didn’t anyone notice she was carrying a rather large load for a student who only had some books to carry? The good news is no one is dead, including Ms. Otto.