Trump On Dallas

I write this prior to any statement from Donald Trump regarding the deaths in Dallas. So, here goes as to what he would comment:

“See, I was right, I’m always right, I’m right just as Crooked Hillary is always wrong. I told you we need to build a wall, a Great Wall, a wall that will protect us against those rapists and murderers. Some of my best friends are colored people, I even employ those colored people and they all love me. So, what happened in Dallas, I’ll tell you what happened. America under the dude from Africa has gotten lazy, it has gotten weak, and that allows terrorists to murder Americans.

We need to take back this country.We have to make America great again.If everyone in that protest parade was armed with assault rifles, those killers would have been blasted to hell. If cops had body armor at all times, then none would have died. Once I am president, every cop will carry an assault rifle, everyone will go twenty-four hours a day with body armor.

Where was the FBI? Where was the US Army? Make me president, and each and every American will be armed to the teeth and ready to swing into action. Take back America and shoot to kill!!”