Trump Touts His Innocence!

There is scant doubt forces of liberal bigotry have been organizing to destroy the reputation of a great American–Donald Trump. Not only are they jealous that his head of hair far surpasses anything that Barack Obama can grow, they also fear his words of truth. Donald knows that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and thus is not eligible to become president of this nation. Obama is the creature of a group of Kenyan Mau Mau leaders who planned in the 1960s to take over America and make it the new home for people in Kenya. Liberal effeminate supporters of this traitor are trying to destroy the reputation of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump ripped to pieces charges that he is a racist because of his fight to uncover the real identity of Barack Obama. “Somebody said because I brought up the birth certificate, I’m a racist. How can I be a racist? I just picked Arsenio Hall” has a winner on my show!!

In fact, the other day, Donald Trump ate lunch with a black skinned person! He even hires blacks as his chauffeur and his maids! Liberals just want to hide the truth  about Barack Obama!