Trump Trumps Mitt

Donal Trump is ready to save the Romney candidacy from its own incompetence. Donald has the hair, the bluntness, the ignorance and the audacity to become the best thing that could happen to Mitt. A Republican spokesperson, Michael Cohen, announced to the expectant media that “I can say that he(Donald) will be playing a major role and was happy to honor Governor Romney’s request to participate in the Tampa convention.” Imagine the roar that will approve Donald shaking his famous hair!

Of course, given that Donald realizes he is more important to the United States of America than any foreigner born in Kenya or any man from a sect which encourages multiple wives. If it comes to who has the most wives, then Donald is the winner. Donald is considering skipping the convention and  attending the more important meeting of theRepublican Party Sarasota County dinner where he will be honored as Statesman of the Year.

Can anyone imagine Mitt winning a statesman of the year award??