Trump Trumps Obama!

I just knew that Donald Trump would come through and nail the black dude in the  White House. Donald offered to donate $5 million to a charity if Obama would end the lies and send him a certified copy of his passport, his college application papers and the transcript of his grades. They have to be in the hands of Donald Trump by October 31 at 5:00 p.m. Donald has to go trick or treating and needs this data in order to scare people and get free candy.

Frankly, I am somewhat disappointed because we need more information from this refugee from Africa.  I want pictures depicting Obama with his mom and dad –the ape family, that is. I want pictures of Obama having sex with his “wife” so we can end once and for all the rumor that Barack is gay. I really would like the bomb shell of the political season. I want pictures of Donald Trump in bed with Mitt Romney!! I know they can fuck, but I get tired when they fuck the American people.