Trump: US Is A Business

One must admit that Donald Trump is the only honest Republican running for the presidential nomination. Most Republicans mouth expressions about American values or beliefs, but Donald says it like it is. He understands that the only issue facing America is the how businessmen can make more money. Oh, there are those who make sounds about family values or oppose abortion, but Donald Trump wants the focus to be on the business of America being business.

He dismissed the candidacy of Mitt Romney in a few short words. “I’m a much bigger businessman and have a much higher net worth. I mean, my net worth is manny, many times higher than Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is basically a small business man.” And, according to Donald, he has created thousands of jobs.

Donald Trump would prefer if anyone running for the presidency listed their net worth and the one with the highest net worth should be elected.

I await the candidacy of Billy Gates.