Truth About Dominique Strauss-Kahn

EXCLUSIVE: This blog is now able to reveal the entire story concerning what happened to Dominique Strauss Khan in his hotel venture in New York City. French Socialist MP, Francois Loncle has raised the possibility of collusion between the Sarkozy government and hotel officials in order to smear DSK whose possible candidacy for the presidency of France threatened President Sarkozy. The plot is deeper than that. Agents of al-Qaeda employed the hotel maid and organized the false accusation of rape in order to derail the candidacy of a Jew who might become president of France. Actually, the initial plan was for her to become a suicide bomber and blow up him and the hotel, but when the bomb failed to explode, she switched to Plan R–rape. Sarkozy had been in contact with al-Qaeda and the deal was they got rid of DSK and he would help get rid of Muammar Gaddafi and allow al-Qaeda to take over Libya.

Of course, there are unconfirmed reports former NFL star O.J.Simpson was released from bail in order to work with the maid on the rape attempt. He would first rape her and then she would yell rape. Alas, that plan went astray. There are some reports former President Bill Clinton was to help arrange a menage a trois with the maid, DSK and him. Alas, that never turned out as planned. Of course, the woman was to make a dramatic statement in court about being the long lost sister of Barack Obama and describe their lives in Kenya. Alas, that never happened.