Truth Is A Stranger in Iran

Mohammad Khatami, a former president who was linked to the reform movement denounced show trials in Tehran as merely reflecting an attempt by President Ahmadinejad to smear those who oppose him by concocting a series of false confessions. “These kinds of comments are invalid,” said Khatami, “these claims are utter lies and hold no truth. It is better for officials to prevent such illegal and counter-religious acts, as they will hurt the Islamic republic’s regime.” The prosecution is attempting to prove that demonstrators who went into the street to protest the fraudulent election of Ahmadinejad were merely agents of outside nations who endeavored to destabilize the nation’s leadership.

The only way Ahmadinejad can present himself as legitimate is to prove the opposition is illegitimate. Therefore, the show trials in which decent people who have been brutalized and drugged stand up and confess to things they never did. The world is learning that Ahmadinejad has lost the support of his people. What next for Iran?