Truth Of Chavez MURDER!

We realize there are naive people who actually believe that our great and glorious leader, HUGO CHAVEZ died of cancer, but we now offer proof that the man who loves all poor folk, was poisoned by the Israel Mossad and American CIA agents! We are pleased to learn an official inquiry has been set up to finally get at the truth of what really happened to HUGO. As acting President Nicolas Maduro has noted: “We have the intuition that our commander Chavez was poisoned by dark forces that wanted him out of the way.” What better way than to inject him with cancer??

We have it on authoritive sources that a Jewish man was spotted in Caracas six months ago, allegedly there for a visit. He was wearing a black coat and had on a black tie. He referred to a friend as “Moe.” Obviously, a sign that he was part of Mossad. There are also reports the American Embassy in Caracas donated food to the hospital where our commander was lying. We have proof that a man working in the kitchen of the hospital was seen walking by the door of the room where our commander was lying. This man was seen talking to a JEWISH doctor in the hospital and gave him a package!

First, the CIA came for our commander, next they will be coming for Kim Jong-un, and finally, they will be coming for the great defender of demcracy, Bashar al-Assad!!