Truth Wall Speaks Truth

A ‘truth wall” was set up in Kiev on May Day in order to allow Ukrainians to express their views concerning the government of their land. It supposedly allows citizens to vent their anger or frustration about government officials. Myroslav Yakibchuck, head of the National Forum of Trade Unions in the Ukraine, said: “we keep this tradition because it is public opinion, people’s objective positiion on the authorities, and the authorities should hear it.” Several of the initial comments firmly told the government to go to hell and get rid of those in charge. I suspect this would be what any Truth Wall expresses in any nation of the world.

It might be more interesting if political leaders wrote on a Truth Wall about their own feelings. For example:

DONALD TRUMP: OK, so I am a Carnival Barker, but at least that is an honest job. And, I was born in the good olde USA, not like that guy from Kenya.

SARAH PALIN: “Follow the money has always been my theme. And, I say anything that gets me more money.”

MITT ROMNEY: “Please tell me what to say to get some votes, please…”

GLENN BECK: ‘Just remember, follow the straight lines, follow the lines…”