TSK For DSK In France

Prosecutors in Lille, France, have charged former leading French politician, Dominique Strauss-Kahn with being part of a group that organized orgies all over  the country. DSK was charged by a hotel maid in New York of raping her and, of this point, the charge has yet to be proved. French authorities claim DSK and three other men were involved in what could  be “described as  gang rape”and they go on to claim that the group was into “aggravated pimping in an organized gang in Lille to get orgies ” swinging into action. DSK “absolutely contests any connection to the slightest act of violence.”

We believe any individual is innocent until proven guilty.  DSK has an unfortunate capacity to have a little dark cloud hovering over his head whenever attending a gathering at which there are women. There are times in life to keep the penis locked, armed and ready to swing into action. There are times in life when it is preferable remaining home with the wife and doing it in your own bed.

Alas, DSK seems to attract charges of rape for some reason.