Tsunami Reflections

A horrible event taking place thousands of miles away from the shores of the United States leads many who ordinarily lack concern for those in pain, to suddenly become voices of assistance to the afflicted of the world. It appears that thousands are dead in Japan and the damage is probably beyond our understanding at this point in the tragedy. Even as this event unfolded there were Republican members of Congress insistent on the need to cut expenditures for the homeless, the sick, early childhood programs and for those disabled and unable to even purchase food. I am certain those same men and women will utter concern for the people of Japan, and even vote funds to aid those who are caught in the disaster, but those in the disaster here in America are not on their radar of relief. We humans have the capacity to reach out thousands of miles while those in our backyard never enter into our thoughts. How does a Republican Congressman who voted to gut funds to provide assistance to a human who lacks the physical means to secure food turn around and agree to aid victims of disaster in Japan?

We humans are strange creatures. We, all too often, lack care and concern for those in our midst while we utter pieties of concern for those so far, far away.