Tsvangirai Declines Phony Offer OF Mugabe

Morgan Tsvangira, who won the election for president on March 29 only to have his victory disallowed by President Mugabe, turned down the pseudo dictator’s offer that he is now “ready for dialogue.” Mugabe was urged by members of the African Union to work for a national unity government in order to get rid of the bad taste in the mouths of African leaders over his display of brutal savagery against members of the opposition in Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai, who heads the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), told the AU, “a government of national unity does not address the problems facing Zimbabwe or acknowledge the will of the Zimbabwe people.”

It is impossible for the MDC to negotiate with Mugabe after he killed 90 of their members, beat and tortured thousands, and drove additional thousands from their homes. Had Mugabe been willing to negotiate prior to the beatings, there might have been a genuine dialogue for peace. Mugabe is a thug, a murderer, and he should not be accorded any recognition by the world.

Tsvangirai also asked the AU to fire President Mbeki of South Africa from his role as mediator, given his bias in favor of Mugabe.