Tsvangirai Demands Equal Treatment From Mugabe

Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, let loose a furious demand to President Mugabe to finally adhere to the power-sharing agreement he had reached with the MDC in September. As of this point, the man who supposedly is to share power in the government of Zimbabwe is now allowed to possess a passport that could be used to leave the country. The Southern African Community Development is expected in the nation’s capital in the coming days in order to try their best to assist the MDC to obtain the power it was promised due to the mediation efforts of former president Mbeki of South Africa.

In a sense, the issuance of a passport to Tsvangirai is a symbol of trust and cooperation on the part of Mugabe and the other thugs who currently run Zimbabwe. If they can’t even allow the man who is supposed to share governing access to a passport, what can the ordinary people of Zimbabwe expect from these oppressive criminals?