Tsvangirai Returns To Zimbabwe

Morgan Tsvangirai, who most probably won the election held for president this March, returned home from his self imposed exile in South Africa to a nation which is bset by government organized gang activitie that beat, torture and even kill political opponents. Many members of his MDC party are disappointed Tsvangirai remained in South Africa while the campaign of terror envelops the nation, but he has indicated returning would have led to his death at the hands of government thugs.It is estimated mor ethan 30 MDC party supporters and officials have been murdred by government sponsored “war veterans” whose only goal is to intimidate people either to vote for President Mugabe or not to vote.

Tsvangirai visited victims of the brutality and discovered that most hospitals in the nation are reporting dozens of cases of individuals who have suffered broken arms or legs at the hands of Mugabe goons. Tsvangirai went immediately to the funeral of activist Tonderai Ndira who was tortured and then killed by Mugabe supporters.