Tsvangirai To Return To Zimbabwe For Election

Since the March election for president of Zimbabwe which was won by Morgan Tsvangirai, the Movement for Democratic Change leader has been forced to flee the nation in order to avoid either being arrested or killed. Speaking at a South African press conference, he told Robert Mugabe and the world: “I shall return to Zimbabwe within the next two days…The MDC..will contest the run-off. I am ready, and the people are ready for the final round. We want unfettered access of all international observers.” Most objective observers of the situation in his country fear the run-off will be controlled by President Mugabe in order to make certain this time he gets the majority needed for victory.

Tsvangirai is banking on the strength and determination of his people to resist the thugs and goons who currently are roaming the land beating up oppostion leaders and threatening people with further violence unless they vote for Mugabe. Tsvangirai said “we as a nation are strong enough, we are brave enough and we are angry enough to fight an election once again.”

Unless outside observers can get into the country and actively supervise all aspects of the election, particularly the counting of votes, it is doubtful if the brave words will be able to triumph over the criminals who now run Zimbabwe.