Tumultuous Tuesday Today In Politics?

By this evening, there will be further evidence of a Know-Nothing emergence in American politics as ardent voters turn to the ballot box in primary elections to inform the nation if one seeks to gain public office this November, offer positive proof one is ignorant. Yes, there is a recession, yes, America is involved in two wars, yes, it is not the fault of Barack Obama. Arguments used against the president ranging from illegal immigrants to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, blame the man who INHERITED the mess, NOT the man who CREATED THE MESS. The Know Nothing party of the 1850s was against Irish and German immigrants and Catholics who were believed to be under the control of the Pope in Rome. Modern Know Nothings believe Obama was born in Africa and is a secret Muslim. Of course he is, that’s why he sent 30,000 more troops to fight in Afghanistan, that’s why he has continued Bush laws which violate civil rights, yes, the man who stands against Muslims is undoubtedly a secret Muslim!

America, the nation inhabited by descendants of immigrants who stole the land from Indians, is against illegal immigrants. For God’s sake, the original British settlers were ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Barack Obama inherited stupid wars, he inherited a massive debt, and his greatest mistake was FAILURE TO BE A LIBERAL. Instead, he chose conservative ideas and made the mess ever worse.

A nation which currently leads the world in obesity will also lead the world in political stupidity.