“Tunisia” Spreads Throughout Region

Winds of change swirling from Tunisia already have impacted the Sudan. Sudanese security police arrested Islamist opposition leader Hassan al-Turabi a few hours after he told an interview that a Tunisia style uprising was possible in the country. Within hours about a dozen of other party members were arrested by the police. Sudan has been ruled by a petty dictator for years and there is widespread discontent with lack of economic development and widespread corruption. Al-Turabi made clear of his determination to have a free election and demanded honest elections. “If they don’t agree on that, we are going to fight in the streets. We’re not an armed party, and we’re not going to stage a coup. But, we are going to change the regime.”

Most observers believe the police are torturing prisoners into making confessions about violence toward the government. However, in the words of Turabi, “what happened in Tunisia, is a reminder. This is likely to happen in Sudan.” Naturally, the government of Sudan will resort to torture, but Tunisia proved you can hurt a body but you can not hurt the spirit of democracy when people are fed up.