Tunisian Democracy Threatened

Many who believed in  democracy rejoiced when the people of Tunisia removed their long term dictator and instituted free elections. Of course,  due to conservative rural areas, an Islamist centered political party won a large number of seats in Parliament. Chokri Belaid, leader of opposition groups which are heavily secular and oppose creating an Islamist centered society was shot outside his home and murdered. Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali, who heads the Islamist Ennahda party rushed back froma  trip to France and promised an investigation. Belaid received four bullets to the head and chest because he dared to challenge sharia law and imposing Muslim theology upon a nation in which many are secular Muslims.

There is scant question his murder stems from fighting against Islamist rule and for upholding the right of workers to strike and fight for their rights. All too often,  those supporting Sharia law oppose working class  law.