Tunnel To Fantasy Land

Border police and soldiers discovered a tunnel leading from Mexico to the United States that was the length of six football fields, and at the end of this pathway in San Diego was a warehouse that contained about 20 tons of marijuana. Mexican police were able to find the entrance warehouse which had 10 tons of marijuana. In a sense, finding a tunnel is not a victory, but in reality simply evidence our drug laws and drug counter-actions are not working. OK, they will destroy this tunnel, along with the other 75 that have been found, but tomorow there will be another tunnel, and the day after still another.

When will the American people wake up to the reality one can not stop the use of drugs anymore than we were able in the 1920s to stop consumption of alcohol. We can continue blowing up tunnels or we can begin blowing up laws that do not work. End drug laws, make all drugs legal, tax use of drugs as we tax use of alcohol and have an extra $50 billion a year to use for important things like — developing new industries that create jobs.