Turk Ambassador Blasts Austria

Every so often in a world of diplomacy in which diplomats watch every word spoken so as not to anger anyone, it is refreshing to come across an ambassador who just tells it like it is. Turkey’s ambassador to Austria, Kadvi Ecved Tezcan let the Austrian government know in clear language they are a bunch of bigots. He pointed out: “Austria was an empire with various ethnic groups. It should be used to living with foreigners. Apart from on holiday, Austrians are not interested in other cultures.” He went on to charge tha Turkish immigrants were forced to live in ghettos where they had to associate with hostile ignorant folk who adored those spreading hatred toward immigrants. “What’s going on?” was his complaint.

Naturally, these words are not very diplomatic and thus they upset the entire government of Austria. Although the Turkish ambassador had tried meeting with the Austrian Foreign Minister and been rebuffed in his attempts, these words brought a swift invitation from the Foreign Ministry to get your butt down here and explain those words.

The only aspect of what he said that is confusing was: “Why have you given citizenship to 100,000 Turks. The Turks are happy, they want nothing from you. They just don’t want to be treated like a virus.” If they are so happy, then why are you complaining?