Turk Leader Claims Erdogan-DICTATOR

Turkey has been a democratic nation for a decade, it has engaged in free elections and the Justice and Development Party undoubtedly  has support from a majority of voters. However, it is also clear that at least 40% of Turks do not desire Prime Minister Recep Erdogan as their  leader. Since assuming office he has crushed military leaders, jailed over 70 journalists and behaved like a pseudo dictator. Kemal Kilicdaroglu, head of the opposition Republican People’s Party(CHP) insists Erdogan wants to change the Constitutioin in order to create an all-powerful president which he intends to become. “The prime minister is more and more authoritarian.. the sovereignty of fear is ubiquitous…universities cannot express their views, the labor unions are completely silent, the media is fearful.”

There is no question everything being claimed as reality is real. Even President Gul has warned about Erdogan’s quest for more and more power. Perhaps, if the European Union would accept Turkey as a member this drift toward authoritarian rule would be halted.