Turkey, A Jail For Reporters

Several years ago the Justice and Development Party gained power in Turkey and worked to end rule by  the military in their land. This was an important step in establishing principles of democratic procedures in a land that for too long been under the regime of military officials. One would assume those who led this change would support ideas of free speech. Alas, this is not so. A new report from Reporters Without Borders(RSF) charged that Turkey had become the “world’s prison for journalists.” The government of Recep Erdogan continues it policies of sending to jail reporters who seek to speak their interpretation of what is the truth.

“With a total of 72 media personnel currently detained, of whom at least 42 journalists and four media assistants are  being held in connection with their media work, Turkey is now the world’s biggest prison for journalists, -a sad paradox for a country that portrays  itself a regional democratic model.”

Perhaps, the Israel  government can reach out to Turkey since its parliament just expelled a deputy for  sailing on a boat loaded with food supplies. Both governments share similar attitudes about democracy and free speech.