Turkey And Iran Jointly Attack Kurd Rebels

Kurdish rebels who operate out of northern Iraq bases have been attacked by troops from both Turkey and Iran. Turkish Genereal Ilker Basbug made clear his forces were cooperating with Iranian troops in anti-Kurd operations. “When they(Iran) start an attack, we do to. They carry out an operation from the Iranian side of the border, we from the Turkish side.” Kurd rebels claim the raids have no impact on them since they are well protected in the mountains.

In Washington D.C.,Secretary of State Rice made clear that from the perspective of the United States, “the PKK(Kurdistan Workers Party) is an enemy of Iraq; it’s an enemy of the United States; it’s an enemy of Turkey; and it’s an enemy of the region.” One can only assume by “the region” she means Iran.

Few discussions concerning return of American troops from Iraq deal with the impact on Iraq and the Kurdish rebels. Will the Iraq government be able to handle the PKK?