Turkey Blasted By EU

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan assumed power about ten years ago as the new leader of Turkey and worked to curb power of the Turkish military. His steps to remove control over government by the military were important in helping to create a modern Turkish democracy. But, in the process of removing military control, Erdogan has established a new Erdogan control. His Justice and Development Party(AKP) is now firmly in control of the land. One party control inevitably results in one party corruption. The Turkish police and judiciary uncovered wide spread evidence of corruption by officials in the government. Three ministers in the Erdogan Cabinet were forced to resign. Instead of working with police and the judiciary, Erdogan has launched a program to destroy the independence of police and judges. Hundreds of police have been reassigned and members of the judiciary removed from positions.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is in Brussels for meetings with European Union officials to discuss the desire of Turkey to enter the EU. He now confronts an EU that is furious at trampling of the rights of the police and judiciary by Erdogan. Davutoglu promised “if there is anything that stands contradictory to EU standards, we will listen to this.” The issue is clear: if Turkey desires to enter the European Union, it must adhere to standards and norms of the EU. Will Erdogan do this is the question??