Turkey Claims Restoring Iraq Control Over Kurdistan

Turkish military forces continue pounding away at Kurdish militant bases in northern parts of Iraq as its diplomats assured the government of Iraq those operations were mainly due to a desire on the part of Turkey to restore “Iraqi sovereignty over those geographic areas(where) terrorists are functioning.” Latest figures released by the Turkish military indicate about 230 members of the outlawed Kurdish Workers Party(PKK) have been killed with a loss of about 24 Turkish soldiers. American Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, urged Turkey to wind down its military venture within a few weeks and evacuate Iraqi territory.

Ahmet Davutugli, who is Prime Minister Erdogan’s special adviser and is currently in Baghdad, assured the government of Iraq “for us continuing operations is not a violation of Iraq sovereignty. It’s just the opposite.” However, the government of Iraq apparently does not agree with the perspective that another nation can invade its territory and impose its will on a part of the nation of Iraq. There is currently a functioning government in Kurdistan which has not requested any assistance from Turkey in dealing with the PKK. Perhaps, if Turkey had coordinated its actions with the Iraq government and Kurdish leaders in Kurdistan, the entire matter could have resulted in a more positive outcome.

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