Turkey Continues Blasting Kurds!

Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is determined to bring peace to his nation even if it means killing off any  chance for peace between Turks and Kurds. The Turkish air force blasted Kurdish bases in IRAQ and an estimated 100 guerrillas were killed. Of course, it amazes me how planes flying hundreds of miles an hour know who was on the receiving end of their bombs. Recent hostilities arose when a group of Turkish soldiers were ambushed and murdered. Naturally, the response was to kill Kurds-and, by definition, any Kurd killed is a TERRORIST.

The Turkish military insists everyone killed is the result of careful analysis to determine the bombs are headed for the right people–down below. Of course, peace might arise if Kurds were according equal rights in Turkey, but, alas, that is a separate topic that will not be discussed or acted upon.