Turkey Corruption Upsets Even Government Folk

Turkey has been a modern Islamic success story due to efforts by the Justice and Development Party led by Recep Erdogan to create a modern society in which people of various faiths can live in harmony. However, recent events have raised questions concerning Erdogan’s campaign to reduce power of the military in order to establish a civilian style government, and his refusal to address issues of corruption in his government. He was caught in a conversation with his own son discussing getting rid of money in the house that undoubtedly was obtained from illegal sources. Now Bulentg Arinc, his Deputy Prime Minister told the media that he was upset when two sons of ministers who had resigned due to corruption charges were released from prison. “If the son of a minister is doing business with men bribing (politicians) this is the most disgusting thing in the world.” Those were not the words of Prime Minister Erdogan.

Erdogan and his party believe that a group founded by Fetullah Gulen, which originally supported Erdogan, has now turned against him and is responsible for uncovering the corruption. Most probably they are correct, but corruption is the issue, not who uncovered it.