Turkey Deserves EU Membership

Five years have gone by while Turkey awaits a decision from the European Union as to whether its request to enter will be granted. NATO General Secretary, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, urged the EU to cease treating Turkey as a second class member of NATO and accord it the same rights as others in being involved in military research and decision making. He denounced the “unfair treatment” of Turkey. His comments make sense, but do not touch on key issues as to why the Turkish application is delayed. The bottom line is clear, many European Union members do not wish a nation which is predominantly Muslim to enter because they fear hordes of Muslims will come streaming into their countries. Relax, fellows, Turkey has a vibrant economy which functions at a higher rate than most European nations and its employment rate is sufficient to keep most folk at home. The European Union needs Turkey inside the tent, not standing outside in anger and frustration.

We argue keeping Turkey out damages chances for peace in the world. Turkey could be a lead nation in working with Muslim countries like Iran or groups like Hamas. A Turkey outside the EU is a nation that eventually will assume leadership of discontented Muslim societies. d