Turkey Disappointed With Iraq Proposals

The delegation of Iraq officials who have been working with the Turkish government apparently have failed to win over support for their ideas on dealing with Kurdish rebels. A Turkish diplomat, who is familiar with the discussions, said their proposals were “unsatisfactory.” The Turkish parliament last week authorized a cross-border operation against PKK bases. The Turkish government is insisting Iraq turn over to them the Kurdish leaders leading the insurgency and have provided Iraq with a list of the names. According to a Turkish official, “these talks are make-or-break talks. This is the last chance to resolve the issue through talks before resorting to a possible cross-border operation.” The Iraqi delegation claims it arrived with concrete proposals.

A member of the Turkish military said troops are being moved from other areas of the country toward the Iraq border. There is a feeling of frustration among Turkish officials, particularly after the main American general in northern Iraq said he would do “absolutely nothing” about dealing with Kurdish rebels. A fundamental problem is the inability of Iraq officials to actually do anything in Kurdistan. It lacks troops to handle any military operation against well entrenched Kurdish forces in the mountainous region of the country. Apparently, neither Kurdish officials, Iraqi officials or the American military is going to do anything to counter PKK attacks. As of this point, the Turkish government has hesitated in making a military incursion, will they wait longer before doing so?