Turkey Fears Obama Will Support Armenians

Many in the Turkish government believe Barack Obama and Joe Biden will support claims of Armenians that the genocide committed by Turks against them in the early years of the 20th century be recognized for all its brutality. Ken Hachikian, of the Armenian National Committee said, “starting tomorrow, th full force of the Turkish government will come down like a ton of bricks in Washington” since both Democratic candidates have previously fought to support Armenian claims about the genocide. Obama during his election run promised to recognize the killings as an example of genocide.

it is time for Turkey to end the fight over nothing. The United States government apologized to its Japanese American citizens for the wartime internment. American history textbooks are filled with examples of brutality against Native Americans. Germans have atoned for the Holocaust, but Turkey, for some reason, refuses to admit that what happened a hundred years ago was a terrible mistake.