Turkey Fights PKK At Home And In Iraq

Turkish Prime Minister Recept Erdogan has been among the fiercest critics of Israel for its refusal to work in a cooperative manner with the Palestinian Authority in order to attain peace in the region. His comments have been on target and his goals seek an end  to conflict. However, when it comes to rights of Kurdish people in his nation, the man of peace is transformed into the man of war. Kurds in Turkey lack equal rights and the end result is violence.

Members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party(PKK) launched a surprise attack on security outposts near the border with Turkey. The result was 24 dead Turkish soldiers and at least 18 wounded. In response, the Turkish army invaded Iraq in order to kill those who killed Turks. About 18 militants were dead as a result of this action. There are reports of Turkish commandos being dropped in northern Iraq as part of the effort to destroy the PKK.

For one who believes in conciliation and seeks a peaceful resolution of conflicts between Israel and Palestinians, it is surprising no such attitude is evident  when the issue is rights of Kurds. Perhaps, we should not be surprised. It is much easier telling others to seek peace!