Turkey, From A US Ambassador’s Perspective

Ambassadors to other nations ordinarily keep their mouth shut when it comes to commenting about internal affairs, but US Ambassador James Jeffrey apparently believes the people of Turkey need to know what he thinks about their country. Jeffrey told an interviewer back in 1983 when he first came to the country he believed a military rule was best to keep stability and law and order. However, since the coming to power of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) there is less need for the military to assert power. “Turkey has now become a more stable country. There is no widespread violence in the country.” He refused to speculate on the current investigation into whether or not members of the military were or are planning any overthrow of the civilian government.

Jeffrey, on occasion, has a loose mouth such as comments he made urging Turkey to send troops to Afghanistan. Perhaps, if in 2003, George Bush had actually consulted Turkish leaders and sought their advice on the proposed ridiculous invasion of Iraq, world events would be different today. It is time for Americans to ASK other nations rather than demanding from other nations.