Turkey Girds For Action Against Kurdish Rebels In Iraq

A high level summit was held last night in Turkey as its top leaders and military officials met to discuss a response to the latest Kurdish attack on Turkish forces. At least 12 turkish soldiers are dead and a reported ten have been taken as hostages by PKK rebels. According to Prme Minister Recep Erdogan, “we will make a decision at the end of our discussion about what sort of step we will take.” Although he said Turkey would act in a “cool manner,” the president made it clear whatever action is taken would not be influenced by what others feel regarding an attack across the border into Iraq. President Gul said Turkey “has no eye on Iraq territory but it is Turkey’s right to stop this as long as Iraq harbors terrorists.”

The ironic aspect of the current Turkish-Kurdish controversy is that any Middle Eastern expert in 2003 knew an invasion of Iraq would result in establishment of a virtually independent Kurdistan and such a creation invariably would result in conflict with Turkey. This is a fall out of the Bush invasion of Iraq which was emotional rather than cooly logical and diplomatic. The one consistent pattern of the Bush administration is its angry, threatening rhetoric which panders to right wing extremism in America, but only incites anger and violence in the remainder of the world. Bush claimed the right to invade nations in the name of dealing with “terrorism.” His rhetoric is now echoed in Turkey by leaders who also want to resort to violence in dealing with terrorism.