Turkey Hunt In Turkey

The nation of Turkey is engaged in a great shootout as to whether or not it can retain its democratic traditions which have prevailed, in one way or another, for decades. This is a nation which seeks to become a model of how Islamic leaders can govern without intruding into the rights of secular people and those who are not fervent followers of their faith. Prime Minister Recep Erdogan has ended rule of military men who continually seized power if they did not like civilian leaders. However, as the tyranny of military rule ended, the tyranny of the Justice and Development Party(AKP) rule as replaced it. However, the hidden force of Fethullah Gulen and his Gulen movement now stands in the way of total power for the AKP.

Most probably, secret agents of the Gullen movement are in power positions within the judiciary or police or secret service and they are playing a role in fostering investigations into corruption in government. Courts again rejected demands by Erdogan to release the 26 people currently being detained for corruption. For example, a bank head was found with $4.5 million hidden in shoe boxes, hardly the place a bank keeps deposits. Gullen, the former ally of Erdogan, is now challenging him for power.