Turkey In European Union?

Turkey has been engaged for several years in the quest to enter the European Union as an equal partner with the current members. Over the past few years there has been a continuing decline in the percent of Turkish people who support this goal. The latest figure indicates that only 45% now are in favor of entering the European Union, which represents a drop of about 7% from last year. There are several issues to consider about Turkish membership in the EU. From a European perspective, accepting Turkey as a member means there will be an increase in the number of Muslims within the EU. From a Turkish perspective, it means the European Parliament which has recently obtained greater powers will be able to dictate to Turkey about issues such as equal rights for Kurds and Armenians.

It is still unclear whether Turkey really wants to be a member of a national organization which might require certain adjustments in law that go against Turkish culture or the Muslim faith. Reality is that Turkey will have to make societal adjustments that impinge on their ideas regarding religion and issues such as women’s rights. Is the price too high?