Turkey In Trouble, Not Thanksgiving Turkey

The military government of Egypt has asked the ambassador from Turkey to head home, and this request has nothing to do with the Thanksgiving turkey, it is merely a request to cease bothering in the internal affairs of their nation. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is sensitive about any nation or group interfering with decisions or policies of his Justice and Development party, but the Turkish strong man thinks nothing of offering “advice” to the government of Egypt. Erdogan refuses to recognize that former President Morsi refused to support the principle of democracy and attempted to transform an opportunity for a new birth of human rights by imposing a government run by clerics seeking to impose sharia law upon secular forces and the Coptic Christian minority. Ironically, Erdogan has not followed a similar course of leadership. Egypt would be torn to pieces in sectarian strife and fury if Morsi had remained in power. He had lost the confidence of Egyptian youth and he had sent fear into the hearts of Coptics who feared for their lives.

Egypt must create a society that can produce jobs for a young generation that has education, but no work. It must create a society in which the minority Christian Coptics can live in peace. Above all, it must create a government in which the military remains in its barracks, not in government offices.