Turkey Intends To Tell It Like It Is!

During the past several decades, Israel’s main ally among Muslim nations was Turkey. Both nations cooperated on military matters and Turkey went out of its way to support the existence of Israel although that stance damaged its relations with Muslim nations. However, during the past few years, the people of Israel have voted into power right wing demagogues who preach the greatness of Israel regardless of how their policies impact the lives of Palestinians. The disastrous invasion of Gaza simply was even too much for Turkey and its leaders denounced the assault on individual rights.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan reacted angrily to Israel complaints that a TV program depicted the Israel Defense Force in a negative manner. The program showed Israel soldiers killing children. Robert Goldstone urged Israel to conduct its own investigation of claims that civilians were killed in Gaza. But, Israel continues insisting it has never made a mistake and turned down his offer. What exactly did Israel expect would be the Muslim reaction to its policy of denial?