Turkey Kills Kurds In Order To Love Them

The government of Turkey has engaged in warfare against Kurdish rebels due to its systematic programs of discrimination and second class citizenship toward Kurds. The result has been a nasty and brutal war in which both sides have resorted to tactics resulting in death of innocent people. Leyla Zana is a Kurd who serves in the Turkish parliament and apparently lacks any confidence that her government seeks peace with the Kurdish people. Although the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party(PKK) was preparing to announce a cease fire, she urged them to continue the armed struggle. “The armed conflict forced everyone to choose a side. I would never argue for laying down arms. Weapons are the insurance policy.”

Actually, weapons are an insurance policy which ensures death, not life. Her argument is necessity on the part of the government to prove it means peace and not until there is evidence should arms be put aside. There is also the issue of trust. A unilateral cease fire places the ball into the court of the Turkish government. Let them prove themselves unable to work for peace.