Turkey Lays Turkey On Armenian Genocide

The United States Congress has apologized for our nation’s history of slavery and inhumanity. The United States Congress apologized for the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during World War II and paid compensation to those who suffered this terrible indignity. The United States government has apologized for mistreatment of Indians and schools offer courses and materials in order to ensure all American children learn about the horror of discrimination. Then, there is Turkey. It continues refusing to acknowledge that under the Ottoman Empire hundreds of thousands of Armenians were killed in a horrible genocide. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the genocide memorial in Yevevan only to be blasted by Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu. “The visit to the monument was a private program and (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) did not make any official remarks. Anyway, we conveyed our annoyance.” Sir, we Americans believe genocide by any name is still genocide. Turkish soldiers murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Armenians and this must be acknowledged to the world.

On one hand, Turkey complains about Israel mistreatment of Palestinians, and they should be praised for speaking out. On the other hand, when other nations make statements regarding oppression, Turkey says you have no right to interfere in our history. If Turkish officials have that view then we expect silence from Turkey about Israel misbehavior.