Turkey May Encounter Spring Weather This Summer

Turkey is governed by a Muslim leadership that claims to respect the rights of all citizens as he slowly and gradually pushes for laws that would deny those who are not believers in a land governed by Sharia law  to practice their version as to what constitutes being a Muslim. Under leadership of Prime Minister Erdogan there are increasing examples of an authoritarian bent to the government. A proposed plan to demolish Taksim Gezi Park in order to build a new mall led thousands of young people to protest. They were greeted by police using force to end this demonstration.

The European Union Commissioner for Enlargement which is reviewing the Turkish desire to enter the EU warned against denying the right of assembly. Peter Stano made clear to the Erdogan government its concerns. “We condemn all excessive and disproportionate use of force.” The US State Department also made clear its concern.

Slow down Erdogan.